The land that gave birth to the first great civilization-Egypt, also known as the gift of the Nile is blessed with year round sunshine, history, culture, art and archaeological treasures. From the Pyramids of Giza,The Cruise on the Nile,The Valley of  Kings, The Aswan High Dam,The Beaches of Hurghada to the Ancient City of Alexandria are some of the places with diverse landscapes one can experience in Egypt.   Â


Reasons to Visit :
> THE NILE RIVER : Cruise down the Nile River and discover temples of Karnak, Edfu, Philae and Abu Simbel- the magnificient two rock temples on the western bank of Lake Nasser
STUNNING BEACHES : The Red Sea provides numerous enchanting beaches.Weather you are looking for luxury beach resorts or just a lovely beach to, you will find a variety of beaches.
> DIVING : The clear blue waters of the Red Sea are the perfect spot for scuba diving with a beautiful coral reefs lining the Sinai coastline
> THE PYRAMIDS : The Sphinx and Giza’s pyramids are marvels of ancient Egypt.They are the only monument from the Ancient world’s Seven Wonders, which has reached our civilization.
> MOUNT SINAI: A very important historic and Christian site which is proclaimed to be the place where Moses recieved the Ten Commandments.

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