China is an enormous country with a lot to explore.There are the great man made structures like The Great Wall or The Forbidden City to the naturalwonders like the limestone peaks of Guangxi.The diversity of this country takes you from the great citi es of Beijing and Shanghai to quaint mountain tops of Ming Dynasty Villages,to the terracota warriors of Xian.Curator of the world’s oldest continuous civilization,great cuisine,silk and tea,China will have you bumping into new discoveries at every turn.


Reasons to Visit :
> Great Wall of China : One of the greatest achievements undertaken by mankind in history, The Great Wall has rightly become one of the most famous historical attraction.
> Yangtze River Cruise : One of the world’s greatest rivers the Yangtze winds its 6,800km way through central China. Officially the river is the world’s third longest, behind the Amazon and the Nile.
> Terracota Army : A complete army of life-size terracotta warriors, complete with accoutrements and horses is impossible to comprehend when you see the vast space the attraction covers.
> Giant Pandas : Sichuan province’s bamboo forests are strongholds of the endangered Giant Panda.View them in Chengdu’s Panda breeding and research centre and on a trip to mountain sanctuary at Wolong.
 > Karst Mountains : Depicted on 20 Renminbi note,located in south of China in Guangxi province, the Karst mountains are famously beautiful in China
> Acrobatic Shows : World famous acrobatic troupes perform nightly at the Shanghai Theatre showcasing thier incredible talents

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