Bhutan, the land of the peaceful thunder dragon is known to the world by several names such as the `the Last Shangri-La’ or `the Last Place on the Roof of the World.’ Though the original name from the time of Marco Polo was `Bootan,’ the natives pref er to call their country `Druk Yul,’ or the Land of the Peaceful Thunder Dragon. Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, Bhutan offers spectacular mountain views, immense scenic beauty and a unique culture and lifestyle. You can see beautiful Buddhist m onasteries, carved wooden houses and the fine crafts of Bhutan, on tours to Bhutan with Tourism in Bhutan.  

Reasons to Visit :

> Try the National Dish of Bhutan Ema datshi made very spicy with cheese and chilies
> Indian citizens do not need a visa to enter Bhutan,just need a voters id card or a valid passport
> Bhutans currency is Ngultrum which is as same value as Indian Rupee
> Visit Dzongs which are religious and administrative seats of each region in Bhutan

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